Jan 9, 2007

Communication Tips in Offshore Development World

Let's face it. We Indian find it difficult to say No and we say Yes when we actually don't mean to stand by that word in its true sense. This shortcoming is very apparent in dealing with the offshore (people working in India for a US or European client) staff.

YES typically should go with the following four conditions.
  1. I understand

  2. I agree

  3. I fully intend to do things in accordance to the agreement

  4. I intend to do so in a very short order

Anything else should not begin with the work YES.

Here are the levels of the consensus decision making that I try to imprint on my Mumbai offshore team. It comes in handy in dealing with the others in Mumbai as well. Here's your own Ivy League MBA snippet.

  1. I can say unqualified YES to the decision. I am satisfied that the dcision is an expression og the wisdom of the group.

  2. I find decision perfectly acceptable.

  3. I can live with the decision; I am not especially enthusiastic with it.

  4. I do not fully agree with the decision and need to register my view about it. However, I do not choose to block the decision. I am willing to support the decision because I trust the wisdom of the group.

  5. I feel we do not have a clear sense of unity in the group. We need to do more work before consensus is reached.

  6. I do not agree with the deision and feel the need to stand in the way of this decision being implemented.

Once we Indian's get comfortable saying NO, the the rest of the trust formation process is easy.