Jan 8, 2007

GLENELG: An Address I would love to call mine.

Mumbai property values have been going through the roof for the past four years. Ideally, I would like to have an apartment each in Mumbai and New York City. The following property is sold out from the developer. I won't be surprized if these apartments never come back into the market again. Even if they did, I think they would be US$5-7 millions each. Well....I am still young. For for some of you who believe in reincarnation, you could be born into one of these apartments...

The original building where Godrej Glenelg has been developed was classified as a heritage structure and is located in the exclusive Cuffe Parade neighborhood in South Mumbai. The location combines stunning sea views with the ability to be situated in the heart of India’s financial capital. In developing this project, GPL has sought to combine the classical style of the original structure with the most modern facilities and amenities to create a striking combination of classical and modern. The development includes a large classically styled villa at the base over which there are seven contemporary, luxurious apartments, each occupying its own floor. The opulent villa contains two large balconies and in total occupies over 930 sq. mts. (10,000 sq. ft.) of area. The seven villas each approximately 3,000 sq. ft. large, offer residents the ability to combine the highest standards of modern luxury with a beautiful structure, stunning views and a perfect location