Jan 27, 2007

Languages represented on Indian currency

Indian Currency

Ever wonder what languages are represented on Indian currency? Here are all the 15 languages. The languages are ordered by their English alphabetical order. This is from a 10 Rupee note.

US currency is found to have marijuana residue and European currency has cocaine residues. I have not seen a study about residue on Indian currency.

Unlike US currency Indian bills are of different sizes for different denominations. This is to prevent bleaching of a lower denomination bill and using the paper for a new higher denomination.

Each denomination carries a picture of Mahatma Gandhi on the front and different images on the back

5 Rs: Tractor
10 Rs: Rhinoceros, Elephant, Tiger
20 Rs: Palm trees
50 Rs: Indian Parliament
100 Rs: Himalaya Mountains
500 Rs: Dandi March
1000 Rs: Indian Economy