Dec 8, 2007

Laughter Yoga!

Laughter Yoga in Mumbai

Each Year I visit Mumbai, I see groups of middle to old aged people gathered in a group of 10-20 and laughing for no apparent reason. The groups have increased in number. The basic ideas are that the Laughter is good and emotion will follow the motion.

Try it out. Just start laughing out for no reason and you will find yourself laughing for real.

Day after day hundreds of Laughter lovers from all over the world are visiting Bombay, the city of Laughter Clubs, to experience phenomenal Laughter Clubs where hundreds of people gather in public parks, factories, offices and laugh their hearts out for NO REASON first thing in the morning and start the day by releasing happy chemicals.

Dr. Madan Kataria, Bombay based physician has developed a new yogic technique of group laughter where anyone can laugh for 15-20 minutes eveyday without resorting to jokes. Each laughter session starts with deep breathing and the Ho-Ho, Ha-Ha exercise, followed by a variety of stimulated laughter like hearty laughter, silent laughter, medium laughter, lion laughter, swinging laughter, one meter laughter, cocktail laughter, gradient laughter and many other kinds. Not only we laugh but also practise ways and means of sensible living, in a group, by removing negative emotions like anger, fear jealousy and sadness.

At present there are 70 laughter clubs in Mumbai and nearly 450 all over India. Scores of people are enjoying a health benefits from this wonderful nature cure. This concept has been widely accepted all over the world and appeared in prestigious publications like National Geographic, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Sunday Times (London) and Colors Magazines in Italy. It also flashed on BBC, CNN, NHK (Japan), Star TV and ABC News in United States. Recently he along with his wife Madhuri visited many cities in USA, Australia, Singapore and the concept was highly appreciated.

To teach how ancient yogic practices blend with science of laughter for removing NEGATIVE EFFECT OF STRESS, achieving peace of mind, improving morale, interpersonal relationship and productivity at workplace, fecilitate healing of illness, remove inhibitions and achieve self-confidence he has started workshops and Teachers' Training Programmes in Bombay as well as many other countries.
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