Jan 5, 2007

Pandu Hawaldar. Dada Kondke

Dada Kondke was the comedy king of Marathi cinema. Comedy in Marathi cinema became world famous because of Dada Kondke. His name was recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records after he gave a series of nine consecutive hits in Marathi films.

Kondke's film dialogues are famous for double meanings. He always gave importance to music. Most of the songs featured in Kondke's films were composed by Ramlaxman and Ram Kadam. Kondke's playback singers are Mahendra Kapoor and Jayawant Kulkarni. He always prefer Usha Mangeshkar as a female singer.

Kondke was from a drama background, he brought that drama into films. That appealed to the Marathi crowd. That is why he was such a big hit.

Kondke also made some Hindi films and there too his work was appreciated.

Kondke's audience is the mill worker and the poor farmer. They need entertainment in life after their work.

Though Kondke never made a single sombre film in his career, his last, and yet incomplete, film was to be a serious one.

Dada Kondke was a born in a mill worker family in Mumbai staying in Naigaum, Lalbaugh Mumbai. On March 14th, 1998 at 3.30 am, at his residence Rama Niwas in Dadar, Mumbai Dada Kondke suffered a heart attack. He was rushed to Shushrusha Nursing Home, a stone’s throw away from his residence, where he breathed his last.

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