Jan 21, 2007

So your Indian girlfriend is a Manglik?

Former Miss World (1994) Aishwarya Rai got married to a tree and made rounds of several temples to perform several rituals to overcome cosmic hurdles.

This has all to do with her status as a Manglik.

Manglik refers to the presence of Mars (mangal) in certain houses of the birth chart. Miss Rai is a Manglik. That indicates a propensity towards danger to life, unhappiness at home (with mother in law), divorce or separation, sickness, loss of business. One of the most common beliefs is that if a manglik person marries a non-manglik, the non-manglik spouse might die.

Bizarre, but true. There are similar superstitions about setting off on a journey, forming a partnership, and starting a business.

Talk about living in the multiple centuries at the same time. That's Mumbai for you.