Feb 6, 2007

Air India Boeing 787

787 Boeing Air India Airplane

India is one of the largest markets for air travel based on the projected growth. Here's a Boeing Ad in Mumbai newspaper. Flying in Mumbai means taking off in bird filled airspace. here's an interesting story about 787 "bird-hit" test.

Boeing acknowledged Friday that the horizontal tail section of the 787 Dreamliner had cracked slightly during a so-called "bird-strike" test, but described the incident as a routine part of developing the new jet.

The Dreamliner program is under intense scrutiny as Boeing prepares to build the first all-composite airliner, so every glitch — or potential glitch — makes analysts and investors skittish.

Spokeswoman Lori Gunter said the test was part of the development process and not a certification test, so the company's engineers strongly object to applying "the f-word," meaning failure.

"It wasn't a test you pass or fail. It was a test you learn from," she said.

In the November test, engineers fired an 8-pound gel pack — simulating a large bird — from a high-speed cannon, hitting the leading edge of the winglike section. The test helps assess what would happen to the tail section if the plane collided with a real bird in flight.