Feb 22, 2007

Encounter killings

Readers of Mumbai newspapers are very familiar with a stock news item which reads something like,

Two gang members were gunned down by police in . Based on the tip, police had set up a trap. Once the party arrived, the police announced themselves and asked the party to surrender. They refused, and opened fire on the police. The fire was returned resulting in killing of the two members of the gang.

That's encounter killing. As many as 600 gangsters have been killed in encounters over the past 25 years since 1982. This is a thought through approach not to go by the letter of the law. Going by the law would mean getting caught in a maze of procedures with no guarantee of a criminal being brought to book. The police, instead, started handing out the justice.
Gangs of Arun Gawli, Amar Naik, Subhash Thakur, Guru Satam, and Hemant Pujari were total eracated.

Here are some of the noted encounter specialists from Mumbai police force.

Praful Bhosale, has killed 82 gangsters
Hemant Desai, has killed 30 gangsters
Arun Borunde, has killed 50 gangsters
Daya Nayak, has killed 86 gangsters
Vijay Salaskar , has killed 78 gangsters
Ravindranath Angre, has killed 50 gangsters
Sachin Vaze, has killed 20 gangsters
Pradeep Sharma, has killed 107 gangsters