Feb 11, 2007

Lime-Chilli contraption to ward off an evil eye

Lime and Chilli to ward off evil eye

In Mumbai, the chilli, along with lime is used to ward off evil spirits and is often seen in vehicles and in homes to that effect. Though the new economy has dawned, superstitions continue to prevail and people stick to them because of fear or faith. Otherwise, how can one explain the brisk sale of green chillies and lemons, specially on Tuesdays and Saturdays. There is a belief among people, specially the shopkeepers, even the owners of ‘big showrooms,’ that hanging a string of green chillies and lemons wards off the evil eye. This is said to be an extension of the belief of ‘buri nazar’ prevailing among people in the country. They think that if they are doing well, others will feel jealous, so they hang lemons and chillies strung on a thread, to ‘immunise themselves’ from the evil eyes of others.