Feb 28, 2007

Vision Mumbai: Transforming Mumbai into a World Class City

These are the exhibits from the McKinsey study and recommendations to make Mumbai the world class city by 2013.

Many of these recommendations are now getting implemented.

Here is the executive summary of the plan.

I. Boost economic growth to 8-10 per cent per annum by focusing on services (high- and low end),developing hinterland-based manufacturing and making Mumbai a consumption centre.

II. Improve and expand mass and private transport infrastructure, including linkages to the hinterland.

III. Dramatically increase low-income housing availability (1.1 million low-income houses) and affordability and drive upgrading of housing stock.

IV. Upgrade safety, air pollution control, water, sanitation, education and health care.

V. Create a dedicated “Mumbai Infrastructure Fund” with an annual funding of Rs.1,500 crore and attract debt and private financing.

VI. Make governance more effective, efficient and responsive by corporatising key departments and streamlining important processes such as building approvals.

VII. Generate momentum through more than 20 quick wins to show visible on-the-ground impact during the next 1-2 years.

VIII. Enable implementation through committed public-private resources, led by the Chief Minister and make key government organisations accountable for results.