Feb 14, 2007

The West Island Freeway Project

The West Island Freeway is an ambitious project to connect the suburbs of Mumbai with downtown Mumbai. The project plans multiple flyovers over the Arabian Sea. The first phase of the project, known as the Bandra-Worli Sea Link, is currently in progress, and links Bandra in the north with Worli to the south with a cable stayed bridge spanning the Mahim Bay. This development will relieve the congestion on the Mahim Causeway, which up until now has been the only road connection between the suburbs and the main city of Mumbai on the western sea front. The toll charges is proposed to be fixed at Rs 38 for four wheel private vehicles and taxis.

Bandra Worli Sea Link Project has been one of the most highly recommended project of all the transport studies done for the metropolitan region during the last forty years. The existing north south western corridor is highly congested and during the peak hours results in a bottleneck at Mahim Causeway. It takes about forty minutes to travel from Mahim causeway to Worli, a distance of about 8 km. This phase of the project is expected to be completed by April 2008.

  1. Savings in vehicle operating cost to the tune of Rs.100 crores per annum due to reduction in congestion in the existing roads and lower vehicle operating cost on the bridge.

  2. Considerable savings in travel time due to increased speed and reduced delays at intersections at existing roads.

  3. Ease in driving with reduced mental tension and overall improvement in the quality of life. Improvement in environment especially in terms of reduction in carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen and reduction in noise pollution in areas of Mahim, Dadar, Prabhadevi and Worli.

  4. Project to have no adverse effect on fisheries, marine life and livelihood of fisherman.

  5. Reduced accidents.

  6. Proper landscaping measures along the approaches and promenade along waterfront to enhance environment of the area.

The next stage of the project consits building a freeway along the city's western sea board, and linking Worli with Nariman Point via Malabar Hill.