Mar 14, 2007

Clean Mumbai Campaign

The civic body is taking the clean Mumbai campaign very seriously. Anyone caught littering on the streets has to pay a fine of Rs 200. There are alternatives to get out of paying it. The person can clean up the place himself.

This drive began on Saturday and has netted 130 people, of which 56 have been fined. The total amount of fine collected is Rs 11,500. Citizens feel that it is a welcome move towards making Mumbai world class.

The city currently has 8,000 dustbins against the 36,000 needed. The shortage of staff continues to plague the civic body. Currently, 94 Nuisance Detectors.

Rs 200 fine does not compare with the $1000 (Rs 28,941) in Singapore, $50-300 (Rs 2,211 - Rs 13,265) in NYC. Hopefully it will make and impact and educate the people.