Mar 11, 2007

Haapus Mango

Mumbai streets will be filled with hawkers selling the sweet fruit -- the king of fruits -- Mango. Haapus Mango to be exact.

Alphonso (Haapus in Marathi) is a Mango cultivar that is considered by many to be the best in terms of sweetness and flavor. It is also one of the most expensive kinds of mango and is grown mainly in western India. It is in season April through May. Weighs between 150g to 300 grams each.

The district of Ratnagiri in Maharashtra state, and the southern districts of Valsad, Navsari in Gujarat state and particularly Alphonso from the Amalsad region including the villages like Dhamadachha,Kacholi and all villages of town Gandevi provides the world best Alphonso mangoes and are particularly famous for its ripe and delicious golden Alphonso mangoes.
The variety grown in Devgad region in Kokan region in Maharashtra state is supposed to be the best. Its also the most expensive amongst the sub-breeds of Alphonso.

The Alphonso is generally referred to as 'hapoos' throughout South Asia.

Starting 2007 or soon thereafter, the ban on import of Indian mangoes, including the Alphonso, into the US, is expected to be lifted, as part of a deal struck by US President George W. Bush during his trip to India in March, 2006.

Haapus is used to make sweets, candies and smoothies - Mango Milkshake, Mango Lassi (both smoothies), Aamba-Wadi (a mango brownie), Aam-Ras (Mango pulp which is eaten with puris - an Indian Bread), Sakhar Amba (Marathi word for a home-made mango jelly/jam), Mango barfi (a type of Aamba-Wadi), etc.