Mar 10, 2007

Trouble with India

Business Week: Trouble with India Cover storyThis week's cover story in Business week. It talks about lack of infrastructure in India to support the growth. World class infrastructure is an absolute necessity to attract world class talent on a long term basis.

Here is what Mumbai is doing to stay competitive.

A Plan to transform Mumbai into a world class city is being executed. It includes

1. Freeing up salt pans and space occupied by closed cotton mills for new residential buildings.

2. Metros to provide additional options for the mass transit.

3. West Island Freeway Project to reduce traffic congestion. It will reduce the time it would take to travel as well as the pollution caused by slow moving traffic.

Mumbai is critical for India's success. It contributes disproportionately to the Country's tax collection. The residents of Mumbai are determined to get this money back invested into making their lives better.

Amul's take on the continuous dig going on in Mumbai is as usual hilarious.