Sep 29, 2007

Dev Anand and Mr. Toubro of L&T

Dev Anand used to own a bungalow in Pali Hill area of Bandra. The place was part of a huge forest and was very difficult to reach. It was rented by Mr. Toubro of the Larson and Toubro team that put up L&T in Powai. The rent used to be Rs. 256/month. Navketan studio was built after Mr. Toubro left the country and returned the place to Mr. Anand.

Monorail routes proposed in Mumbai

The first monorail in India will be in Mumbai. Two routes are expected to be ready in the next two years. Although monorails carry only up to 20% of what a metro can, it is easier to set it up when abundant land is not available. Monorail routes can have sharp turns and curves.

Monorail will lesson the burden on other forms of transportation. Anything Mumbai can do to reduce the car traffic and jams will help the standard of living. Monorail is expected to be the feeder of transportation. Experts are divided on its merit as well as priority as a project. Monorail will have 1:4 sitting to standing ratio. The question is whether middle class passengers will opt for it.

Sep 23, 2007

Mumbai Police Funnies

Ganesh is known by his big belly. But unfortunately, so are our Mumbai's police constables.
Here in this cartoon, the Lord Ganesha is feeling the competition.

That Indian Look

Daniela Huntachova Daniela Hantuchova is seen sporting traditional Indian Saree look. The Saree may be the next big thing in international fashion scene.

All big fashion shops in the US have adopted Indian fashion designs into their offerings. As India is becoming more and more mainstream, this look will likely become universal. Indian Saree

Here's another picture of what it would mean to have saree on the fashion runways. Colors, fabrics, cuts, and blouses.... the potential is limitless. Anyone in Paris, Rome, Milan listening?

Umbrellas during Mumbai Monsoon

Mumbai Monsoons and accompanying traffic jams, mini floods, conjunctivitis, just all around murkiness makes it the worst time to visit Mumbai.

Ganpati Utsav

Ganesh Chaturthi Visarjan mumbaiImmersion of Ganpati (Ganesh) idol in the seas on the sixth day of the festival. This image was taken at Cuffe Parade part of Mumbai.

Monsoon clouds are still in the sky. September is the last month of monsoon season.
Here's a car ad in a local newspaper. Ganesh is brought into the house in a procession with a lot of dancing and singing. But, the times may have changed.