Nov 21, 2007

Betting on Sachin's Bad Luck

Sachin Tendulkar

It seems that master-blaster Sachin Tendulkar’s nightmare with 90s is fast becoming a money-spinner for bookmakers and satorias in the satta market. Sachin, who has not been able to cross the three-digit mark six times this year, has turned out to be the favourite of the betting world.

It is estimated that more than Rs 200 to Rs 300 cr has been put up only on Sachin getting out in the 90s. According to sources, betting on Sachin not reaching the 100 figures has been high in this Pakistan series, especially from the Mohali ODI where he got out at 99 and India lost that match.

“Betting on India or Pakistan has been there since the beginning of the series. But this is a new thing. Now many people are betting on whether Sachin will be able to score a century. Interestingly, for the first time, people have put so much stake on an single batsmen scoring 100 runs,” said a punter.

The rates at the Mohali match on Sachin for not scoring 100 was 1:1.40. So if you bet Rs 100 on him, you would typically get back Rs 140. The punters open these rates once Tendulkar crosses the 90-run mark. The stakes in the Gwalior match was little lower at 1:1.25 — meaning that if you bet Rs 100 on his not scoring 100 runs, you will be richer by Rs 125.

Sachin has been out in the 90s six times this year — twice versus South Africa at Belfast in June at 99 runs in the first ODI, which India lost, and the second ODI which India won. In fact, twice he was out against England in the August-September series in both the matches India won.

Interestingly, with much of the interest already over ever since India won the ODI series against Pakistan, people are now betting on who will win the toss. Among individual players from India, Yuvraj Singh, M S Doni, R P Singh and Robin Uttapha are the clear favourites of the bookies. There is lot of betting on how much Yuvraj will score and even how many sixes he will hit.

Pakistan’s Shahid Afridi and Salman Butt, followed by Younis Khan and Imran Nazir, are also in currency.

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