Nov 24, 2007

Hovercrafts in Mumbai

Mumbai Hovercraft routes

As a viable and attractive alternative to Mumbai's congested roadways, air-conditioned hovercraft service has several advantages.

Distance between Borivli and Nariman Point 55 km
Time between Borivli and Nariman Point 50 min (half of what it takes today)
Cost of one way ticket Rs 130
Passenger capacity 100-300
Days of year the service can run 300

For the hovercraft service to be really attractive, a Ro-Ro (roll on and roll off with vehicles) option would be the best. It will also cut down the congestion on the roadways. This is not being considered currently.

The past has not been so rosy for this service. Vashi to Gateway of India service was started in 1994, but was suspended due to lack of jetties, support from the government. What is required is permanent set of jetties along with a terminal.

All of this would cost around Rs 600 Cr. This would be well worth it. Nearly 550 new cars are being added to the Mumbai roads each day. This viable alternative will cut down congestion and pollution at the same time.

The current plan is to start off with 12 hovercrafts seating 120 passengers and ramp up to 45 hovercrafts.

The service will be suspended during the monsoon season.