Nov 22, 2007

Media and Entertainment Industry

Mumbai being the entertainment capital of India, the growth of media and entertainment industry is critical for its future. The whole industry is expected to grow at the rate of 18% each year through 2011. That means the industry valued at $11 billions will be $2 trillion by 2011.

This is what it means to individual sectors of this industry.

Film industry will be worth $4.4 - 5.1 billions

TV. There are 200 million households. TV has penetrated 60% of those homes. There are more than 350 channels.

Animation industry is nascent at $285 millions.

Gaming is $50 millions right now and will grow to $300 millions by 2009.

Print media accounts for 29% of the industry with more than 60,000 newspapers. However, the newspapers reach only to the 30% of the literate population.

Music and Radio is the only sector which shrank from $250 millions in 2000 to $155 millions in 2004. more than 70% of the content in this sector comes from the movies.