Nov 11, 2007

New Local Trains for Mumbai

Mumbai local trains are getting a new look. It has been a while since the look of the trains had changed. The last time it was in 1925. The new trains will be 12 coach silver and violet in color. They will replace the current fleet in the next three years.

The upgrade is a part of Mumbai Urban Transport Infrastructure Project. The new train will help the Western Railways add 21 new services on the Dadar-Virar section. The trains are Siemens designed and built in Chennai.

The train ride will be silent and jerk free. The controls will be computer controlled instead of mechanical. Giant fans will provide a forced air ventilation system. These trains will run quieter as well. 66 dB instead of current 90 dB. It will save 30% more electricity since the train will use the braking action to generate stored power. They will run faster as well 100 km/hr instead of current 80 km/hr.