Dec 2, 2007

BEST going to Green Electrictiy Sources

Mumbai at Night

BEST which supplies electricity to Mumbai is turning to the greener energy sources to augment its supply to meet the demand from the malls. In doing so, it is also going to reduce its dependence on Tata Power Company (TPC).

The new sources of energy will be from wind and biogas and will come through three joint ventures. The wind energy will come from Suzlon Energy Ltd for setting a 51 MW wind farm in Bramhanvel in Dhule district. The cost will be Rs. 335 crore.

Spark Green Energy Ltd. will come up with two plants to generate power using biogas. The two plants will be 25 MW each in Pandharpole in Ahmednagar and Laandan in Satara district, both in the sugarcane belt of western Maharashtra. Both these projects will require Rs 115 crore.

In addition to this 8 MW biomass project with Yash Agro Industries is also on the drawing board.