Dec 8, 2007

New Self Cleaning Public Toilets for Mumbai

Mumbai may just begin to look like Stuttgart or Paris, at least as far as the public toilets are concerned. The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is seriously considering an international toilet design to improve the city. Last month, Mumbai delegation visited Stuttgart in Germany and Paris in France for a civic seminar where they were very impressed by the ultra-clean, ultra-modern design of toilets in those cities.

The toilets look like huge pillars with doors that slide open. They are also fully automated, which means they can be programmed to automatically clean up after the user has left. The toilets can be pay-per-use or free and can also be used as advertising billboards on the outside, the revenue of which can go towards maintenance. Also, the toilet is automated which means as soon as the sensor detects that a person has left, the cleaning mechanism will start. This process takes just one minute. The cost of one toilet block is about Rs 4 to Rs 5 lakh and will be installed at a distance of 200 metres. This will make it convenient for citizens and will help keep the city clean.

BMC has already started talks and correspondence with the France-based company J C Decaux. The plans will be finalised by the next month. BMC officials also attended a seminar on waste water treatment and sanitation, water supply plant, parking systems, public health and hospitals during the tour. Now the BMC is going to exchange information on the workings of the systems with the other two cities.