Feb 7, 2008

Dharavi Makeover

Dharavi Mumbai slum makeover rebuilding dharaviDharavi - Asia's largest slum is going to have a transformational makeover. 57,531 families will be rehabilitated as a result.

Dharavi project covers 551 acres of total land area. out of which 70 acres will be reserved for gardens. The cost of the project is Rs. 9250 crore. The total area of construction will be 3.5 crore sq ft, out of which 1.5 crore sq ft will be used for the current residents and businesses. That will leave 2 crore sq ft for new development attracting buyers in the open market.

The plan include elevated walkways with hanging gardens, multi-layered driveways with 30 story buildings. New Dharavi railway station between Sion and Mahim is also planned to connect this to the rest of Mumbai.

If all goes according to the plans, then Dharavi will be Mumbai's first step towards becoming Shanghai. The current end date for the project is 2013.