Feb 16, 2008

Slum fire near Dharavi

Prakash Nagar Slum Fire Mumbai Dharavi Feb 2008

Prakash Nagar slum near the railway tracks between Mahim and Bandra. This slum is near fisherman's colony near Dharavi. The slum has 100 hutments. A major fire broke out on 2/15/08. Only two fire brigade trucks with water tankers could access the narrow lanes leading to the slums. Neighouring building residents could hear explosions of LPG cylinder blasts.

With all the talk about Dharavi makeover where the builders are obliged to provide residence for the current hut owners, I hope this is not a strategy to drive the current residents away so that more of the square footage can be allocated for commercial purpose.

Incidently, there is no casualty in spite of such a huge fire. The vehicles seen burning were the abandoned cars inside garages nearby.