Jul 12, 2008

Mumbai is getting taller

mumbai skyscrapers

With superior technology and better construction material Mumbai's tall buildings are not just ideas in blue print, but are geared to change the city's skyline. The developers have envisaged and begun to construct a whole new generation of high-rise buildings comprising as much as 50 to even 80 floors.

Building tall structures needs special skills and technology, apart from good designs and superior construction material, as they need to withstand calamities like earthquakes, floods and fire apart from the test of time. According to the geologists, Mumbai's soil is essentially basaltic and uniform in nature. Of course, the reclaimed land is still loose but rests on hard rock so if care is taken to rest the columns well enough in the rocks then there should be no problem.

Design wise symmetrical shapes are most suitable as they are sturdy and stable and can withstand seismic inconsistencies. Square or rectangle shapes work better. Shapes like the English letters L and C are not recommended, as their loads, tilts and balance cannot be ascertained, but shapes like the letter I can be used. Coming to engineering, codes of practices have to be followed and the right kind of structural engineering has to be employed. Following all guidelines that have been established from time to time is mandatory, as such buildings are not made every day.

Building high-rise structures is a tall order, but with technology at hand and tie-ups with various international companies that are willing to share their expertise, it is a matter of only a few years when we can see more such structures coming up in Mumbai soon changing its skyline even further.