Aug 3, 2008

Mumbai hiring more rat killers

mumbai rat killerMumbai municipal corporation has professional rat killers who work at night. They are generally expected to kill at least 20 rats each night. Each dead rodent fetches Rs. 13. Right now there are 13 rat killers on the payroll with a plan to hire up to 95 more. This has created a mad rush of applications for the job.

The municipal corporation is responding by raising the qualifications for the job. Passing grade with at least 50% at high school level will be needed. Interviews are walk-in types. Just walk in with the certificate showing the grades for the job. However, instead of the interview, the candidates will be taken to the site where skills in killing the rats will be tested. The entire event will be video recorded. It is not known if the candidates will be paid for the rats killed during the job application process.