Nov 28, 2008

Mumbai Policeman Lack Proper Firearms

The tenacious team of terrorists were well trained and armed with fully loaded magazines for AK class weapons, spare rounds for AK-class weapons, Chinese-made grenades, and Plastic Explosives (PE). The magazines and spare rounds made it clear that the terrorists were using AK-
47s and were prepared for a long haul.

Before the Marine Commandos and later NSG Commandos arrived on the scene, these highly equipped terrorists were met by Mumbai's finest. They were woefully underarmed.The eight member police team that confronted the terrorists were armed with a revolver with six chambers and six bullets. There have been reports that their bullet proof helmets were faulty and not all of them wearing bullet-proof jackets.

Only when highly trained Commandos came to the scene, the operation started to move in Mumbai's favor. Marine Commandos use 7.64mm AK-47 assault rifles and 9mm MP-5 sub-machine guns. They also have fiberglass crossbows to fire cyanide tipped arrows for stealth operation. The NSG Commandos carry 9mm Uzi sub-machine guns and Glock 17 pistols.

Mumbai Police officers - Karkare, Salaskar died partly because they were underarmed. We need to fix that. If Mumbai is going to feel safe again, then Police charged with the mandate of protection should be armed adequately.