Nov 22, 2008

Mumbai Rail-based Projects

mumbai rail based projects monorail metro rail maglev

Mumbai has changed a lot over the years, but that change is nothing when compared to what is planned. Just take a look at the rail based transportation. Here's what we know about the projects already underway or on the drawing board.

Suburban Railway Upgrade
Mumbai has the oldest railway line is Asia. Built in 1853, it will be extended to Dahanu and Uran. Capacity will be increased by running more compartments at a time. This project is already well underway. Project cost is Rs. 5,000 crore.

Mumbai Metro
Planned in 2006, it will provide rail based mass transit connectivity. 146.h km network is being built in three phases. Work has already begun on the first phase from Ghatkopar to Versova. Project cost is Rs. 19,525 crore.

Planned in 2007, it aims to give better connectivity in Mumbai metro region. It will be 20-25km when completed as a pilot project. The routes have been finalized and the work will begin soon. Cost is Rs 2,460 crore.

Elevated Rail Corridor
This will run above existing tracks on Virar-Churchgate routes, exclusively for air-conditioned trains. Five companies have been shortlisted as consultants to the project. Project cost is not known.

State wants six maglev routes with a distance ranging from 20-25 kms. This is part of the high speed corridor for passenger and freight trains between Mumbai and Nagpur which is fast becoming the freight hub of India. Cost is unknown, but a German firm has been appointed to undertake a study.

Dedicated Freight Corridor
Union Ministry has begun building a dedicated high speed freight corridor with double deck trains. The 1,483 km western freight corridor will connect Mumbai to Dadri, Uttar Pradesh. The cost is Rs. 23,680 crore.