Nov 28, 2008

Taj Hotel Terror Activity Map

1. Terrorists arrived via boats as witnesses had observed first boat approaching Gateway of India.

2. First shots were heard in Taj Hotel around 9:30 pm. Grenades were thrown near swimming pool. Terrorists enter the old wing of the hotel.

3. Eight member team of Colaba police armed with service pistols arrive and are confronted by the terrorists coming down from the fifth floor.

4. First confrontation between the police team took place at the second floor. Grenades force the police team back. They take and return fire. One constable is missing from the team.

5. Terrorists resort to random firing across floors and start taking hostages. Additional police reinforcements arrive.

6. Terrorists confront the cops and take the staircase. They reenter the old wing around midnight.

7. A grenade is lobbed at the dome atop the old wing around 2:30 am. Fire breaks out. Firemen begin work to douse the fire.

8. First hostage is rescued from the new wing around 2:45 am. 60 people in all. 30 more visitors are brought to safety around 5 am.

9. Terrorists lob grenades at the lobby connecting old and new wings of the hotel. Still stops the rescue operation for some time.

10. Rescue operation restarts around 7 am, moving floor by floor. 100 more visitors get out.

11. Another encounter starts in the old building around 11 am. New grenades are thrown on the lobby and a second grenade is thrown at the dome around 12:50 pm. Sixth floor room catches fire due to grenades. These fires are put out. Eight more guests are rescued around 2:30 pm. Two terrorists are dead and one is captured alive.

12. Hotel general manager's family - wife and two kids (age 14, 5) charred to death are found on the sixth floor by 5:30 pm.