Dec 12, 2008

Badshah Falooda - Crawford Market, Mumbai

Falooda is Zoroastrian Persia's national drink. Badshah in Crawford Market area is the place for Falooda in Mumbai. About 65% of Badshah's business comes from Faloodas. Falooda is a tall cooling milk-and-rose syrup drink with vermicelli and takmaria seeds (also known as sabjah). It is typically topped with ice-cream.

Badshah store is named after B. A. Badshah. He operated seven fruit juice shops in Mumbai during the early 1900s. He was a kind man and a wonderful employer. He died at a young age of 38 without any kids. In his will he left each of his seven shops with once of his loyal servants. Badshah at Crawford Market was inherited by Merwan Jehangir Irani - then manager of the place. He has employed a 12 year Iranian immigrant for cleaning help. Mr. Irani was impressed with the boy's ethics. When the boy grew up, he married his daughter Yasmin with the boy and handed the shop over to the couple. Aspi passed away in 1996, and Yasimin ran the should with her daughter Behnaz's husband. They also have opened a shop in Pune.

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