Jan 24, 2009

Iconic Tower - Tallest Planned Building in Mumbai

Mumbai town planners have been aiming to build taller buildings to increase the floor space index (FSI) of the city. Simply stated FSI is the ratio of total floor area of the building to the plot area. Currently Mumbai FSI is around 1 - 1.2.

If Mumbai is going to grow, then it needs to grow vertically - thereby increasing the FSI. Newly proposed Iconic Tower in Wadala will have 101 floors and will rise to 526 meters. There will be a 45 meters antenna at the top as well. With a total plot area 1.4 lakh sq meters and a built up area of 5.6 lakh sq meters, the FSI of this building will be 4.

The project is expected to cost Rs. 4128 crore and will be completed by 2014.

Other tall buildings in Mumbai are,

Raheja Platinum, Worli - 80 floors
Waves, Worli - 80 floors
Jupiter Mills Tower, Lower Parel - 75 floors
Dynamix-Balwas, Marine Lines   - 65 floors
Tardeo Towers, Tardeo  - 60 floors
Shreepati Arcade, Nana Chowk  - 45 floors