Jan 30, 2009

Residential Property Rates Jan 2009

Here's an updated chart of Mumbai real-estate prices tabulated by region. Compared to the October 2007, the rates have come down noticeably. Perhaps, this is time to get into the real estate market. However, it is always about location, location, location.

Infrastructure projects such as metro, monorail, sealink can add to the value of the place. Also, it makes sense to keep track of the pollution index and proximity to the landfills. lastly, know about the hospitals, schools in the area. For those buyers who need to know the very last details, learn about the underworld gangs running the area.

All of these tangibles contribute to the stamp duty assessed on the properties.

Here are some links to helpful information,
Mumbai as it stands today was built by taking material for the hills to fill the shallow water between the seven islands. This meant that some of the rivers of Mumbai were redirected. Because the land between the original islands is not as porous, flooding is also a problem.

Lastly, water supply is also a concern.