Jan 2, 2009

They Met In Bombay (1941) Hollywood Movie

Romantic sparks fly in this whirlwind adventure about two thieves lusting after the same jewel. Clark Gable stars as Gerald Meldrick, a clever scam artist who comes up with a brilliant idea: He'll allow his attractive rival, Anya Von Duren (Rosalind Russell), to do the hard labor of lifting the famous gem from its rightful owner, then swoop in and pluck it out of Anya's unsuspecting hands. 

Things don't work out quite as Gerald envisioned, though. Anya gets wind of the plan, and, in no time at all, the two of them are headed to the Far East with the law hot on their trail. 

Finally, the hero and heroine team up to outwit a scheming inspector (Matthew Boulton) and a powerful freight captain (Peter Lorre) while questioning their life of crime. This swashbuckling MGM spectacle from Clarence Brown is a dazzling romantic adventure full of thrills and high-seas romance.

Here's a French poster of the movie. Doesn't the plot sound just like any Bollywood masala movie - minus the song sequences? Incidently, you won't see Bombay other than in the title since the movie was shot entirely in California.