Feb 4, 2009

Anti-Aircraft guns installed in Mumbai

Perhaps due to increased security after the November 26th attacks or due to the likelihood of the terrorists using aerial attack on targets in Mumbai, the navy is going to install Bofors 40mm anti-aircraft (L-70) guns along the coastline.

First of these guns will be near Mumbai Port Trust at Ballard Pier. The guns come with a Flycatcher radar system and generators. The guns can fire hundreds of shells in seconds. These shells destroy the targets by forming a barrage of high speed objects.

The guns are going to be manned by 20 commandos.

Mumbai's security is by no means any better. Hundreds of ships arrive to the port without proper scanning for dirty bombs or even a fertilizer bomb. It is up to the government and the armed forces to make sure that red tape is never a reason this precious city is left unprotected.

One additional note, although the gun is designed by Bofors, it is manufactured in India by the Ordnance Factory Board.