Aug 22, 2010

Gabbar Ki Asli Pasand - Britannia Glucose D

Britannia Glucose D biscuits had employed Sholay's Gabbar Singh to push their product over Parle's Glucose biscuits. Here's that Ad in print. Remember?

How Do Wealthy Indian's invest?

Indians are getting richer. More than 130,000 people now have net worth more than $1 million. So how do these individuals manage their money?

Bulk of it is in stocks, bonds, mutual funds. But they also avail of wealth management and private banking services that allows them to get the following.

1. Structured Products and Notes

Principal protected notes that allows them to protect from the market downturn without sacrificing the entire upturn if the market soars. Typically, for a fee as a percentage of their assets invested, they can get their principal pack if the market tanks or get about 80% of the market upside.

2. Real Estate

They get these by buying assets directly - a risky approach or by participating in pooled investments such as REITs - real estate investment trusts.

3. Asset backed Debt

They buy bonds with dedicated real assets as collateral. These earn them anywhere from 11 - 16 % in interest. Given current 7 % bank deposit interest in India, this is a good deal if you can stomach the risk.

4. Niche investments

Also called passion investments - currently water and renewable energy being on the top of the list.

Many own 5% gold as well. 

So, there you go. How's your portfolio?

Taj Palace - Old Wing reopens

Following the terrostist attacks by Pakistani cowards, and after 21 months of reconstruction and renovation, Mumbai's The Taj Mahal Palace and Tower is ready to reopen its rooms.

Taj Palace Ballroom - Mumbai
Taj Palace Old Wing Passageway
The stately old rooms and hallways of the hotel will reopen for guests on Sunday,said Ratan Tata, chairman of the Tata Group. While most of the hotel reopened less than a month after the attack, the oldest part of the 107-year old hotel – the palace wing which bore the brunt of the fire, water and bullet damage from the battles in its hallways - has been under reconstruction since the fighting started Nov. 26, 2008.

Taj Palace Old  Wing Room
Taj Palace Dolphin Room
Taj Palace Restored to its Old Glory

As a new bonus for guests, some will now be provided with chauffeur-driven Jaguars for transfers to the airport. The Tata Group’s auto arm, Tata Motors Ltd. bought U.K.-based Jaguar and Land Rover for $2.3 billion from Ford Motor Co. in 2008.