May 31, 2012

Taj Mahal Hotel Mumbai

Horse drawn carriages in front of the Taj Hotel in South Mumbai. Foundation was put in 1898 and the construction was completed in 1903.

May 29, 2012

General Post Office - Mumabi

General Post Office Mumbai 400001
General Post Office in Mumbai is the central post office - with a ZIP code of 400001. It is situated right next to VT - Victoria Terminus - a proximity to a railway station.

It was modeled after Gol Gumbaz (Rose Dome) of Bijapur by British architect John Begg. It was completed in 1913 at the total cost of Rs 1.8 million.

This picture is about 100 years old. The small trees have grown into large, sprawling trees which block much of the structure from the street view. The structure uses black basalt, yellow Kurla stone and white stone.

JW Marriott Lotus Cafe Breakfast

JW Marriott Juhu Mumabi Lotus Cafe
JW Marriott in Mumbai is a classy place. The buffet they set up every morning is worth experiencing.

Breakfast is served in buffet style at the Lotus Cafe, which is at lower level of the hotel. It is open 24 hours. 

During the breakfast hours, you can choose from the following

Traditional Maharashtra fare

Sweet Sheera, Sabudana Khichadi, Dal Khichadi, Kanda Pohe, Upma, Batata Wada, Pav Bhaji

South Indian

Medu Wada, Dosa, Uttappum with chutneys and Sambhar. 

Egg Preparation


Fruit Compotes, Fresh Fruits (several seasonal), Fruit Juices (freshly squeezed), Milk Shakes

Continental breakfast items

Meats, Salad, Nuts, cheeses

Yogurt, Yakult Drink, Berry Yogurt, Raisin Yogurt

Healthy Stuff - cereals, oat meal

The staff is attentive, but not intrusive. The place just lets you be yourself - weather you are enjoying the views of the sea, fountains, or reading newspaper, or conducting a business meeting.

JW Marriott is my favorite place in Mumbai and Lotus Cafe breakfast is something I always look forward to.