Jun 12, 2012

Avoiding police harassment during Mumbai bar raid

Mumbai Assistant Commissioner of Police Vasant Dhoble
ACP Vasant Dhoble
ACP Dhoble - in his quest to clean up Mumbai has been using raids on the clubs as a mean. Patrons may often face domineering police force at such raids. However, knowing your rights may help you react in the correct way without panicking. 

1. No one can stop you from leaving the place. You have the right to leave the place. The police authority is limited to the raid and restraining you is actually a criminal offence.

2. No one can frisk you - even if it is a raid - unless they suspect you possess stolen property.

3. No one can ask you for your personal contact details - unless police state that you are connected to the crime.

4. No one can force you to become a witness.

5. No one can intrude on your privacy.

6. No one can detain you unless you are vital to the investigation or an intruder.

Behaving normally and knowing your rights will always allow you to diffuse the situation. The tensions are high during the raids, but if you keep your clam, the police would most likely keep theirs.

Knowledge is power. Know your rights and law will be on your side.