Jun 30, 2012

Mumbai airport to get a brand new air control tower

mumbai airport air control tower
Mumbai Airport Control Tower
Mumbai's Chhatrapati Shivaji International Terminal is the busiest airport in India and is a major hub. The airport is adding a new Air traffic Control tower that is rapidly climbing to its intended height of 83 meters - to be the tallest in the country.

Other towers in the area are as follows

Bangkok 132.2 meters

Abu Dhabi 110 meters

Current Mumbai ATC tower is at 60 meters.

The new tower will allow the air traffic controller to see 5 miles beyond start and end points of both the runways.

The height is equivalent of a 30 storey residential building. The tower site area is 1200 sq meters with four floors at the base and four at the top. Between those groups of floors is RCC shaft with lifts and a staircase.

The tower is expected to be fully functional at the end of 2012. Cost - estimated to be Rs. 400 Cr.